The Way of The Peaceful Warrior

Reclaim your passion and achieve your heartfelt desires

Many believe the path to any goal requires consistent action in the face of adversity.
Although true, there are hidden aspects of the self that impede or stop the process altogether.

Is there an easier way?

Join Ernie Pavan for an exploration of the hidden forces that seek to wage battle with all our hopes and dreams.

Is battle necessary? Not for the way of the Peaceful Warrior.


  • Methods to journey with the warrior spirit to answer the central question  “What Must I Own?”
  • An exploration of the Shadow Self and the gifts the many faces of the Shadow has to offer you
  • Methods for reclaiming all un-owned aspects of the self
  • The Role of Observer as the guiding force for all you do
  • The Role of the Warrior and the call to action

Two full days of teachings that will transform your thinking and change your life.