NLP Practitioner Certification

ABNLP Approved NLP Coach Practitioner and Evaluation

Can I complete an NLP Coach Practitioner Training course in just 7 days?

Yes! Of course you can. Using our Advanced Awareness training model, you can NOW earn FOUR certifications in ONE Training. Use these Board Approved technologies to accelerate your career or begin a new one! Our graduates are some of the most successful in the field.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of behavioural excellence. It is practical, results-oriented, and a technology that can, at mastery levels, guarantee success. Prime Ministers, Presidents and Captains of Industry are trained in these tools. We will show you why, and how to use these tools with yourself, and with others from a leadership perspective, a coaching perspective, and a business development perspective.


Who is leading this training?

This training is being facilitated by Ernie Pavan and Laura Slinn. Ernie and Laura are Board Certified Trainers of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy®/Creating Your Future® Processes, and Hypnosis. Together, Ernie and Laura have synergized decades of experience from the worlds of business, education and therapy to offer their graduates a comprehensive and successful approach to mastering leadership, empowerment, communication and the science of manifestation.

This training allows the successful graduate to become Board Certified in the leading fields of Executive and Life Coaching, as well as NLP, TLT/CYF and Hypnosis. International Coach Federation (ICF) standards are met and exceeded using the quantum change technologies of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis in a quantifiable standard. This one week FasTrak™ Program is designed with the busy professional in mind. Through the application of the advanced quantum technologies, and a multimedia pre-study, this training is completed with a 7 day on-site intensive practicum.



Who should attend?

  • Everyone interested in personal development and self empowerment
  • Anyone looking for a new career in the field of leadership and empowerment
  • Sales professionals on a commissioned income
  • Individuals who yearn to coach others to excellence
  • Anyone in a management, supervisory or leadership role
  • Educators committed to advancing their students’ ability to learn
  • Anyone who enjoys working with people
  • People who communicate with individuals and groups for a living
  • Anyone interested in facilitating change and transformation in others
  • Public speakers and facilitators
  • Therapists and alternative practitioners seeking dynamic change tools
  • Anyone who seeks to facilitate as part of a team in the mind-body industry


Why our NLP Practitioner Coach Training?

NLP = Results! Today, there are major career and business opportunities to make money while you help your company, business, or clients to reach their goals as a Certified NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach. NLP Practitioners and NLP Coaches are in demand the world over. It is a great investment for your future! During this 7 day on-site intensive program you will qualify for four Board Certifications and Professional Designations:

1.   NLP Practitioner

2.  NLP Coach

3.  Time Line Therapy® Practitioner/Creating Your Future® Coaching Process

4.  Hypnotherapist

Natalie Muir, Newmarket, The Muir Group
The NLP Practitioner Fast Trak Training week is a must for anyone dealing with people on a daily basis. Not only do you grow personally, bringing forward inner peace, harmony and balance, but it also allows your interactions with others to be productive and engaging. You learn to recognize individuals for who they are and if willing, help them grow, leaving the past behind and living fully in the present.

This seven day intensive course was taught by two outstanding mentors (Ernie Pavan & Michael Woodbeck), who gave 110+% of their time and energy to ensure we left being the best that we could be. Their positive outlook and methods made this course interesting and fun while instilling vast amounts of knowledge. This training will not only grow my business limitlessly but has personally brought such a change in my life that I will never look back. Thank you Ernie and Mike!

Any organization can say “Certified”. “Board Certified” speaks to the international recognition and transferability of your credentials and an ease in leveraging your certification as a marketing tool both for yourself and your organization. Very few training organizations on the planet can offer this to you.

Candidates can practice any or all of the above modalities following successful evaluations, passing the open-book Board exam, and certification and entrance into the Boards. Graduates may practice these modalities as entrepreneurs within their own business, or as intrepreneurs by creating and leveraging these modalities to support their teams and organizations. It’s a win-win.

Over and above the professional trainings, Ernie is committed to ongoing education, support and the development of community for graduates to focus on enhancing use of all the NLP tools in their businesses and lives.


What will the NLP Coach Practitioner Training teach you?


1. NLP Practitioner Platform Skills

Mind Mastery Model for Leadership and Empowerment:

  • Presuppositions and fundamental beliefs that funnel into Leadership
  • Mechanisms for choosing and living the empowering Mind Mastery model and how to silence the Mind Victim model
  • The most effective model of how people learn, communicate, change, and empower themselves and others
  • Quantum Neurological Goal Setting: How to set goals and ALWAYS achieve them

Language Mastery for Leadership and Empowerment:

  • Traverse the Hierarchy Of Ideas
  • Quantum Linguistics Intro: The 4 “Magic” Questions
  • Metaphors for resourcing and to assist behaviour shifts
  • Overcome objections elegantly

Rapport: Go Beyond ‘Liking’ to Deep Trust and Mutual Understanding

  • “The 7 Seconds”: Can you use them? Leverage them for leadership?
  • Body Language: Matching and mirroring for unconscious trust
  • Rapport: Voice tonality and pitch impact (even over the phone!)

Representational Systems: Put Your Message in Their Internal World

  • Learn how our senses affect our thoughts and behaviours
  • Switch Representational Systems; Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Sales
  • Eye Patterns: Learn how people internally process information
  • Increase behavioural flexibility and creativity to adjust language to another’s lead representational system

Submodalities: The Secret of Your Mind’s Holographic Computer

  • Change the intensity of your leadership or fear programs
  • Instantly shift perceptual positions
  • Increase wanted behaviours; decrease disempowering behaviours
  • Learn the Swish Pattern to remove habits like nail biting or negative emotional reactions like frustration in traffic

Anchoring: How to Feel Like You Want to Feel at Anytime

  • Make emotional triggers a thing of the past
  • Access your strongest emotional resources at any time
  • Eliminate procrastination and enjoy motivation instead

Strategies: The “Matrix” How-To Of All Behaviours

  • Discover and change the steps of any behaviour program
  • Install missing components for a well formed strategy
  • Discover a client’s buying strategy to make selling an integral, win-win experience
  • Learn to elicit a person’s deep love and attraction strategies

Parts: Stop the Insanity and Reclaim the Resources

  • Eliminate inner conflicts
  • Stop the “Part of me wants to/ Part of me doesn’t” scenarios
  • Achieve integration and wholeness

Tara Collings, Toronto
My experience during the Prac Training was unlike any other. Mike and Ernie combined humour and real life examples to demonstrate the various tools of NLP and the effects that they can have on people’s lives. I learned that hypnosis is not what I always thought it was. Once I actually experienced it, I was wowed by my own unconscious mind! It is real, it is powerful and it is listening to our every thought. Hypnosis is a sure way of putting our unconscious mind to work for the benefit of our self. As for Time Line Therapy – what a quick and effective method of dealing with negative events from our past. It is truly amazing how quickly we can change our outlook on life with the use of this therapy. I am now more aware than I have ever been and look forward to helping people change their lives too!


2. NLP Coach Transformation Dynamics:

  • Accelerated Transformation: What happens with clients and how to manage it
  • NLP = Results. Focus on what you want. What you focus on expands.
  • How to implement and manage the use of consequences
  • Feedback and tasking for maximum transformation
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goal quantum installation with process mapping and time lines


3. Time Line Therapy®/Creating Your Future® Coaching Processes:

  • Systematic releases of gestalts, limiting decisions and beliefs
  • Dissipate resistance through quantum learning
  • The Breakthrough: Tailored for business, therapy or education
  • Trauma and PTSD: Symptom relief and refocus
  • Install SMART goals on your future time line


4. Hypnosis Platform Skills and Induction Styles:

  • Increase your own abilities as a hypnotic subject
  • Suggestions: How the unconscious accepts or rejects them
  • Self Hypnosis for self and others
  • Milton Erickson: Inductions and business techniques

Rob Friend, Collingwood
Prac training was excellent. Mike and Ernie are a dynamic teaching team who have the ability to deliver complex material in a readily understandable and accessible way. I left the course with the knowledge, the tools, and the confidence to begin walking my own path as an NLP Coach and Practitioner.


How Do I Become Certified?

Preparation for the NLP Coach Practitioner Training – Multimedia Home Study

Preparation for the NLP Coach Practitioner Training – Multimedia Home Study Our installation process gets you out of the gate fast! Start by listening to the CD’s on the schedule that suits you, then come to our course to complete your Board Approved training. During the training you will experience, feel, hear, and see the natural transformation that occurs when limiting programs are replaced with your innate, authentic leadership programs! All of this happens during the process of developing the skills of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, and Coaching.


This Training meets the standards of the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming and the ABNLP Coaching Division. It is also approved by the Time Line Therapy™ Association and the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Your certifications have worldwide recognition and transferability. This program is currently recognized in over thirty-eight countries!

Upon successful completion you will have the opportunity to become Board Certified at the Practitioner Coach Level in each of the modalities. Transformational Pathways Inc. facilitates entrance into the professional boards for all qualified graduates!

Certification Benefits:

  • ABNLP has the highest standards of ANY certifying body on the planet
  • International transferability of your certifications
  • Positioning and leveraging
  • Inclusion in a hugely viable and lucrative field that is recession resistant!
  • Cross platform applications to any training field
  • Professional designations and recognition in the field of leadership and empowerment

Milena Ceglie, Newmarket
Having completed a Breakthrough and being living proof of how powerful NLP works, I feel privileged to now know the techniques. Just as simple it is to build a non-beneficial behaviour, so is it possible to easily transform those behaviours. Mike and Ernie are amazing instructors coming from years of professional and personal experience, and are full of stories and high quality training on how to be successful Life Coaches. Mike and Ernie put all of “themselves” to create all of “ourselves” as powerful Life Coaches. Thank you.

Our upcoming training dates:

March 23 – 29, 2019
September 21 – 27, 2019


What is the Course Fee for NLP Training and Evaluation?

Total Investment $4950.00 (HST included)
Spousal Discount Rates and payment plans are available – Ask Us!

Fees include the following: 20 CD’s or MP3 Multimedia Pre-study, Course Manual and 3 books: Time Line Therapy® And The Basis Of Personality, Magic of NLP Demystified, Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Guide and Free Shipping (a CAD $995 value).

To enrol now or for more information contact:

Ernie Pavan – or 905-726-5661

Download a copy of our FasTrak™ flyer: