Kady Romagnuolo, Blackstock
Dear Ernie & Laura, When I first met the two of you in November of last year I immediately knew that I needed to attend more of your seminars. You both truly are an inspiration and highly skilled at helping all types of people, in so many areas of their lives. My work with Ernie ahead of the practitioner course helped to put me on a path that I have wanted so desperately, for so long, but didn’t know where to start. I now feel like the future I want is unstoppable, and just around the corner! Thank you for your constant support, meaningful insights, eye opening education, diligent work ethics and just for being the amazing duo that you are! I look forward to seeing you both again soon.

Rhonda B., Newmarket
“Life changing” is the best way to describe the work my husband and I have done with Ernie. We came to him with a marriage that was in crisis and within a few short weeks we saw such positive results in our relationship we were both grinning from ear to ear! After more than 30 years together we found ourselves discussing our needs and making agreements on how to meet them. We developed new strategies for when life presents us with challenges that lead to solutions and changes that we had never even thought possible. Our work with Ernie has renewed our love, strengthened our commitment and rescued our marriage ! He has given us a priceless gift that we will enjoy for the next 30 years!!
Vicki Scholten, Kettleby
I had been seeing a traditional psychotherapist for the past 7 years for depression with no real results. Then my sister told me to go see Ernie, and to be open to the experience and I did just that, and I’m so glad I did! I am engaging in life again and it feels great! I can’t thank Ernie enough for giving me my life back!
Veronica Zelina, King City
There is an indescribable joy in knowing that whatever obstacles you face, you can and will surpass them with the help of a loving and talented individual. For me that friend is Ernie Pavan. I have seen Ernie for more than 7 years as my go to guy when I really have something to heal. To this day he has gently but assertively assisted me through dark periods I never dreamed I would escape. His “don’t beat around the aura” approach makes his practice powerful and accurate. I honestly believe that if you are open and willing you can accomplish any goal with Ernie’s brilliant assistance. And don’t worry, if you’re not clear on being open or willing, he’ll get you there too!
N.L., Brampton
Working with Ernie was the best thing that I did for myself and my business. He believed in me, encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone, while supporting me along the entire way. Before I began working with Ernie, my business was simply a concept and today it is flourishing. Along with providing a wealth of business know how and resources, Ernie helped to deeply transform my life in an impactful and personal way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
C.S., Toronto
I went to Ernie in hopes of dealing with a life long issue. The issue was impacting all aspects of my life. When I started my sessions with Ernie I was skeptical. I had tried other approaches to dealing with this issue but I had limited success. During the break through process I saw some minor changes but nothing that I was willing to trust. By the second to last session, things started to transform in ways that I never expected and in all areas of my life. The changes were not subtle, they were concrete and visible to myself and others, and they are occurring daily. The shift was life changing. I am happier now then I have ever been, I am much calmer, my business is doing tremendously well and my relationships with myself and others have shifted.  Thank-you Ernie for helping me change my life. I owe you a debt of gratitude for all you have done.
Tara Collings, Toronto
After being in a rut for some time, I was introduced to Ernie by my chiropractor. Deep down I knew I had some “stuff” to deal with but didn’t really know how.  When I met Ernie, I instantly felt comfortable and was open to his methods of dealing with some of my inner conflicts.  His sense of humour and guidance is very much appreciated as I instantly felt changes within the first few meetings.  I feel that with Ernie’s help I have grown into a better version of myself.  I cannot think of a better investment – yourself!
Milena Ceglie, Newmarket
Having completed a Breakthrough and being living proof of how powerful NLP works, I feel privileged to now know the techniques. Just as simple it is to build a non-beneficial behaviour, so is it possible to easily transform those behaviours.  Mike and Ernie are amazing instructors coming from years of professional and personal experience, and are full of stories and high quality training on how to be successful Life Coaches. Mike and Ernie put all of “themselves” to create all of “ourselves” as powerful Life Coaches. Thank you.

Melanie Coppard, Toronto
In November 2006, I attended a therapy appointment with Ernie Pavan. For months I had been feeling absolutely stuck and was completely overwhelmed with physical ailments, emotional imbalance and a lack of mental clarity. I was told by 2 friends that had been to Ernie that the experience is like no other, that it gets to the core of things and taps into the root of what holds us back from living out our beautiful lives. My first session with Ernie was phenomenal. He facilitated getting to the root of patterns and core beliefs and helped me to bring them into the light, thus being able for the first time to move through them. Although the work was challenging and facing the self that was living within my deeply rooted beliefs was painful, I realized that I had been living a lie. I had been living with someone else’s expectations and rubbish and that unless I let go of it I would not be able to move fully into who I am. I had held onto these beliefs for so long and had integrated them into my perception of self. Ernie compassionately and patiently assisted me to be present to what I was experiencing and to continue moving through it in the moment.
Since this time with Ernie I have experienced a new found freedom and have felt much more conscious and aware of my thoughts and how they are connected with my feelings and thus my actions. I continue to work on polishing who I am and acknowledge that this process isn’t linear, nor is it defined by a set amount of time. It truly is our life’s work and I give great thanks to Ernie for his assistance in helping me see the totality of who I am and bringing me closer to myself. Congratulations on living your purpose Ernie.
Milena Ceglie, Newmarket
Suffering from hypothyroidism for most of my life and all the weight gain that came with it, Ernie’s guided me in changing my life around by exploring the underlying emotional roots of the condition. Slowly weaning off my meds as directed by a doctor, I lost 85 pounds in the first 4 months after the Breakthrough. I now love my soul, emotions and HOT body of course, every day that goes by. Ernie’s taught me to love the most important person here and that is ME!
Andrew T., Toronto
When I look back to where I was before I first came to Ernie, the difference is both astounding and humbling. He’s been a compassionate yet firm guide through my journey of self-acceptance. And he’s given me tools and techniques that help me through the days where I falter. I couldn’t recommend him more highly. Thanks so much Ernie.
A.A., Aurora
Working with Ernie is a gift.  Ernie’s honesty, passion & knowledge truly shows in the results when working with him.  Ernie provides the tools to help us on the Journey of Life. I always had awareness but could not move out of being stuck until I did the work with Ernie.  I am grateful for doing the work and continue to do so.  I encourage any of you to give yourself the biggest gift ever.
Jeannie Vassos, Queensville
The NLP Practitioner course allows an opportunity for immense personal growth, and Ernie and Michael provided a very safe environment for us to accomplish this. They created a high level of comfort and trust for us to be successful in our transformation.

As well, the NLP Practitioner course consists of an enormous amount of material and learning. Separately and together, Ernie and Michael are highly motivated to deliver it all through a dynamic and highly successful process. What I originally considered was going to be an overwhelming amount of information became easily assimilated only through the accomplished training and teaching skills that Ernie and Michael possess.

Natalie Muir, Newmarket, The Muir Group
The NLP Practitioner Fast Trak Training week is a must for anyone dealing with people on a daily basis. Not only do you grow personally, bringing forward inner peace, harmony and balance, but it also allows your interactions with others to be productive and engaging. You learn to recognize individuals for who they are and if willing, help them grow, leaving the past behind and living fully in the present.

This seven day intensive course was taught by two outstanding mentors (Ernie Pavan & Michael Woodbeck), who gave 110+% of their time and energy to ensure we left being the best that we could be. Their positive outlook and methods made this course interesting and fun while instilling vast amounts of knowledge. This training will not only grow my business limitlessly but has personally brought such a change in my life that I will never look back. Thank you Ernie and Mike!

Tom St. Louis, Toronto
Ernie Pavan is crazy. He went out and studied multiple spiritual and practical teachings, mastered every one, applied them religiously to his own life, benefited fabulously and then started to work with others. He has brought profound breakthroughs to an ever growing circle of ecstatic clients and students. What’s wrong with this guy? Anyway, it’s not about Ernie. It’s about YOU and the Universe and the powerful principles and techniques Ernie can teach you. It’s between you and you and whether you are ready to believe that you can have be and do what your heart is (still) calling you to do.
Rebecca Whelan-Martin, Aurora
You cannot know the intensely powerful and positive effect that this therapy can have on you unless you experience it for yourself. Words alone cannot describe Ernie’s innate ability to tap into the truth of one’s soul, but having experienced it for myself I feel a sense of inner peace that I have not felt in a long time. His gift is a true blessing.
Nicole Fisher, Newmarket
Ernie, you are truly a positive, life-changing influence for me!

I have had a stream of epiphany moments, large and small, since our session. Life’s challenges are different with awareness and it is becoming a fun self-riddle to unravel and uncover. Thank you!

Tammeron J. Karaim, Erin
Ernie, I came in to your office with an understanding of my life. After spending only just ONE SESSION with you, I went home FEELING a deeper sense of happiness, compassion and a greater understanding of my life’s purpose. You helped me to let go of many old beliefs I had about myself. I have reached a greater sense of FREEDOM. I am truly grateful for your work!

Rob Friend, Collingwood
Prac training was excellent. Mike and Ernie are a dynamic teaching team who have the ability to deliver complex material in a readily understandable and accessible way. I left the course with the knowledge, the tools, and the confidence to begin walking my own path as an NLP Coach and Practitioner.