About Ernie

Ernie Pavan NLPErnie Pavan, B.A., B. Ed., MNLP, MTLT, MCHt

Founder of Transformational Pathways Inc.

Following a profound awakening in 1987, Ernie began a lifelong journey of self awareness and self actualization.

Ernie began his professional career as a high school English teacher in 1989 and later transitioned into his role as a Guidance Counsellor.

Meanwhile, Ernie’s passion for self exploration led him to travel extensively throughout East Africa, and the Far and Middle East including India and Nepal. He was inspired by many experiences throughout these travels to bridge the gap between the philosophies and teachings of the East and the science of the West.  Upon his return, he pursued training in complementary treatment modalities and in 2000 opened Transformational Pathways Inc., a personal and self development centre that focuses on assisting people to identify and overcome the core root of whatever may be ailing or holding them back on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. Over the past 18 years, Ernie has had the pleasure of working with thousands of individuals.

Ernie’s clients and peers credit his success to his innate ability to intuitively see beyond the surface and uproot the hidden obstacles preventing lasting health, vitality, joy and success. He believes that every person’s life journey is to return to the authentic truth of whom they are, to move confidently through fear, embrace change, and create the life they yearn to live and express.

Ernie continues to serve clients in individual sessions and now offers group training programs on a variety of health, well-being, leadership, self-empowerment and metaphysical topics. Transformational Pathways Inc. is also a Board certified Training Institute in the top technologies for quantum change and development: Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy and Coaching.  Ernie is a board certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of these technologies. Ernie is also the creator of the Quantum Change Process.